Vote for us in cannes march 14-17!

For architectesassoc, GREENBIZZ’s nomination this spring as MIPIM AWARDS FINALIST is a heart-warming and encouraging turn of events : a fantastic occasion for our office to advocate for what we call people-projects. But shouldn’t all projects be people-projects ? GREENBIZZ’s strategic location and role as sustainable incubator in the midst of a neighbourhood teeming with potential might seem particularly tailored for the job, but what we often call « run-of-the-mill » projects like housing or offices or retail or hotels … our everyday stuff … it seems to us that they offer the same dormant horsepower. Hence we believe that all actors developing that everyday stuff, whether private or public, and whether designer or commissioner, carry together the responsibility of tapping into that potential : getting it to bud, bloom, and blossom. John Forrester, chairman of the MIPIM AWARDS jury this year, brought this aspect to light examining the more than 200 entries from 46 different countries : “…with this year’s submission, we saw a real social aspect to the responsibility of how projects impact their communities … projects which were really regenerating the social as well as the economic area in which they were being developed. ” VOTE FOR US IN CANNES MARCH 14-17!

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HD54 permit delivered

Entering Brussels from the east, the Forêt de Soignes abrubtly ends on your right giving rise to a non-descript string of questionable 1980’s po-mo feats. That said, however dissuasive the sculptural antics, the main issue is that these obsolete relics constitute Brussels’ greatest contribution to GHG. Tear it all down ? but HD54’s existing structure is sound, and volumes surprisingly promising. Developer AXA REIM and architectesassoc have therefore skirted demolition/newBuild preferring instead heavy refurb : stripping off the present lackluster brick skin, streaming down overbearing volumes thus generating a succesion of convivial terraces east overlooking the forest, shifting sqm’s towards the overpass south thus marking the prow, and finally wrapping up the upgraded forms with a pre-fab timber skin clad in delicate glass mosaïc. The BREEAM certified ensemble tickles excellent, offers exemplary energy-efficiency, and seriously pushes circular processes along with collaborative work-modes. Indeed, all of the existing double-pane glass will get a second life as a bucolic country greenhouse in Brussels’ outskirts, crushed bricks as dry stone walls for landscaping on site, and existing partitions/furniture/lighting fixtures as trendy fit-outs at Brussels’ upcoming Recyk-Ecopole and FabLab. Intense stuff. Works start before summer 2017.

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City Dox on site

A century back mixity was an integral and unquestioned part of city living : imagine Amsterdam’s Canal Houses commingling shops, living quarters and attics for stock. Today it’s become tricky, especially at large scale, and CITY DOX on site since end 2016 is no exception to the rule. Built on a non-descript brownfield site stranded alongside a noisy car-ridden artery, the project combines housing, offices, and workshops … the first block of a soon-to-sprout neighborhood including shops, a home for the elderly, a day-care center, a school, and more. Treatment of extensive soil pollution is now finished, and foundations under way. As in Amsterdam, the federating  ingredient here on CITY DOX is the tranquil canal landscape : architecteasassoc’s project focalises on that.

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