Horta prize 20th anniversary

The CENTRE MAISIN pictured above was the first architectesassoc project to receive recognition from the Horta Prize jurors in 2005, followed by EMPEREUR in 2016. The SADBr behind the competition since 1996 wishes to mark its 20th anniversary with an exhibition in the city centre at the Halles Saint-Gery this spring.  Actively supported by Brussels City Authorities, the SADBr’s aim is to defend « architectural debate concerning the symbiosis between architects, the city, and its inhabitants ».  Several outstanding projects covering a 20 year span will be on show at the Halles following the inauguration March 06, and up until April 14. 

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Jardin d'union on site

The majority of the project’s principal volumes are now visible, offering a view of the coming skyline. Not easy slipping 163 new homes into the existing built fabric unnoticed … especially when they emerge all at once … but the limited number of flats organized around each vertical distribution thus breaking the ensemble up into digestible sub-parts should help. The dark brick skin will soon appear, and afterwards the contrasting white metalwork for terraces, railing, and especially the prow at the top of the hill. Built on a tight but standard budget, the project nevertheless meets Brussels’ rigorous energy-efficiency requirements while offering a healthy mixture of all sorts of dwelling types. Work on site will continue throughout 2018.

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Metrolab brussels

METROLAB is a transdisciplinary laboratory for applied and critical urban research, formed by universities UCL and ULB, and financed through european funding (ERDF). It involves collaborations between 4 existing research centers stemming from these two academic poles, scholars from 15 other european and american universities, and 5 key regional institutions.architectesassoc was invited to talk about inclusion, and about what striving for it really meant designing GREENBIZZ. Indeed, designing urban inclusion is not some complex theoretical issue. Its core self is made up of concrete choices made starting day 1 when the pencil is hovering over that blank page : A. go left = a bit more generous, or B. go right = a bit less so. Thus the ethical choices made on GREENBIZZ and the concrete forms resulting from these were pinpointed by s.leribaux at the evening conference, presented alongside three other inspiring projects in Brussels.   

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